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Because TX arrest warrants function the same way in every county in the state of Texas, understanding Travis County TX arrest warrants is as simple as learning the statewide warrant laws. Outlined in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (which can be found at, the legislation explains that all arrest warrants, regardless of which county they originate from, are issued through the authority of Texas. This means that even if you have an active warrant for Travis County, you can be arrested anywhere else in Texas.

Travis county warrants

For an arrest warrant to be created, officers of the peace must present evidence to a judge in a courthouse in Travis County, TX. If the judge finds that the evidence provided is compelling and clearly indicates the suspect’s involvement in a crime, the warrant will be authorized. All arrest warrants must include the suspect’s name, the crime, and the judge’s signature. After this process is complete, the perpetrator has to be arrested within 48 hours.

Travis County, TX, has one of the most straightforward methods of obtaining criminal and legal information. To look for Travis County arrest records, you can use the OIS tool from the TDCJ at Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you find you have an existing or active warrant for Travis County, TX, we strongly advise getting into contact with a defense attorney as soon as possible.


Who should you call for information on warrants and arrests in 2021?

At least some information pertaining to active warrants and recent arrests is available over the phone. Here are a few useful phone numbers to access this data:

  • The Sheriff’s Office for non-emergency complaints and inquiries- 512-854-9770 or 512-974-0845 for Central Command, 512-854-9721 for East Command, and 512-854-9728 for West Command.
  • The Central Records Division for information on arrest records and criminal history- 512-854-9749.
  • The Central Warrants Division- 512-854-9751 for a warrant search.
  • The County Jail- 512-854-9889 for general information and arrests data.
  • Victim Services- 512-854-9709 for information and support.
  • The Crime Tips Line- 512-854-1444.
  • The District Clerk’s Office: 512-854-9307 for information on felony cases.
  • The County Clerk’s Office- 512-854-9188 for information on misdemeanor cases and active warrants.
  • Jail visitation- 512-854-4666 for all visitation-related questions and information.


Crime statistics for Travis County, TX

Over 4000 criminal acts were reported in Travis County in 2019. Of the complaints filed, nearly 800 were against violent crimes. In this category, aggravated assaults had the highest occurrence rate with nearly 600 complaints while incidents of rape came a distant second with a few over 110 complaints. Property crimes brought in over 3200 of the annual criminal complaints.


There were 4,503 prisoners in Travis County at the end of 2010, according to the TDCJs annual report (filed at ).


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