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Texas Arrest Reports and Warrant Search

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What are arrest records and warrants?

Arrest records provide detailed accounts of each arrest incident in a person’s arrest history. This information includes, but is not limited to, pictures taken at the time and place of the incident, specifics of the location, and consequences of the arrest. Such consequences may include conviction and sentencing, the details of which are described in the arrest record. Typically, an arrest record released in the state of Texas only contains information about Texas arrests. Arrest records from different states must be obtained separately.

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A law enforcement officer must have a warrant accompanied by an affidavit in order to arrest an individual pursuant to a previously committed crime. Warrants require probable cause, which must be sworn under penalty of perjury; this is recorded in the affidavit. Warrants must be signed by a judge, and issued by the court. When an individual is in contempt of court, a bench warrant is issued. This allows a law enforcement officer to arrest the individual on sight. A bench warrant often means that an individual has evaded law enforcement in order to avoid jail time. However, a warrant can be outstanding for other reasons, such as the individual not knowing about the warrant and unknowingly evading arrest, or the governmental body failing to carry out the warrant due to a lack of resources.

How to search for arrest records & warrants in Texas?

The Texas Public Information Act allows anyone to access government documents by written request. To access arrest records and warrants, contact the sheriff’s office of the county where the arrest or crime took place. You do not need to provide identification or a reason for accessing such information, but you may need to provide a written request for the records you which to view or duplicate. The following is an example of how to format a request for information.

This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Section 552 of the Texas Government Code. In accordance with the law, which requires that the ‘Officer for Public Records shall promptly produce such information for inspection or duplication, or both, in the offices of the governmental body,’ I respectfully request access to the following information.

How to search for inmates in Texas

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice provides a searchable online database for the safety and convenience of the general public. The Offender Information Search can be found at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp. This database enables you to search by basic identity indicators such as name, race, and sex.

Texas Arrests and Crime Statistics

1,144,178 separate arrests were made by Texas law enforcement officers in the year 2010. It is estimated that someone is murdered in Texas every seven hours. Someone is raped in Texas every hour. One robbery happens every 15 minutes. One aggravated assault happens every seven minutes. These are only estimates, but the more you know, the more you are empowered to protect yourself. Follow your gut and conduct an arrest records search.

Crimes Related to Business Franchising in Texas

Crimes related to franchising in Texas involve a range of issues, from fraud and regulatory violations to severe cases linked to organized crime. Notable examples include the FTC’s action against Burgerim for franchise fraud, where misrepresentations led to significant financial losses for franchisees, and investigations into CEOs for securities fraud, impacting franchisees through misleading financial statements. The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), effective from January 1, 2024, requires franchisors to report beneficial ownership to combat money laundering, with non-compliance resulting in hefty fines and potential jail time. Additionally, a significant indictment in Houston and Galveston revealed drug trafficking operations under the Jalisco New Generation Cartel using legitimate businesses, including franchises, as fronts. Legal disputes, such as those involving Zaxby’s Franchising LLC and Generator Supercenter Franchising LLC, highlight the need for clear and enforceable contracts, including a comprehensive franchise operations manual, to mitigate risks and ensure compliance in the franchise sector

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