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Have you lost contact with a close friend or family member? Do they have a history of getting themselves into trouble and even getting arrested? If so, then there’s a possibility that they have been arrested or are even fleeing an arrest warrant from Gray County, and that is why you cannot find them. Unfortunately, these kinds of records can be very problematic to get your hands on. While these records are often considered public access, you still need to know exactly where to look for them.

For Gray County, Texas, getting arrest warrant information means contacting the sheriff of that county directly. Unfortunately, the website of the sheriff is rather lacking. You can see what we mean here: Because this website probably does not contain the information you’re looking for, you will want to contact the sheriff’s office of Gray County directly. You can do so either by calling 806-669-8022 or heading down to the station in person at 218 N. Russel, in Pampa, Texas, 79065.

If you’re looking for arrest records for Gray County, Texas, then we think your best bet will be to use the Offender Information Search tool provided by the Texas DCJ. You can find this tool at You can also use a criminal history background tool, provided by the Texas DPH, which you can find here:

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