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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Suppose you own and run your own business, or even if you’re trying to find a new babysitter for your children, you must know where to look to verify whether or not a potential employee is a hardened criminal. Worse even is that a new hire could have an active arrest warrant out for them in Liberty County already! Due to fears of this nature, we have put together a set of resources that you can use to help discover criminally relevant information for Liberty County, Texas.

Your first option is to contact the sheriff of Liberty County. This is most useful for finding active arrest warrants in Liberty County, as these types of records are not currently available online. You can find the sheriff’s physical address at 2400 Beaumont Ave. in Liberty, Texas 77575. You can also email the sheriff at sheriff et

As Liberty County has a mid-sized prisoner population (512 inmates, as of the end of 2010 according to the report filed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at ), you will be able to make great use of another tool provided by the TDCJ. Capable of searching all current prisoners’ records and found at, this should be your second step in any criminal records search.

You can finally perform a criminal history name search through the Texas Department of Public Safety at This will allow you to see the full criminal and arrest records for any person in Liberty County, Texas.


Can you get information on Liberty County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)

The Sheriff’s Office provides a wide range of information about crimes and criminals and you can access a lot of it by making a phone call. Similarly, you can access a lot of details on criminal cases by calling the right judicial office. Listed below are the phone numbers of these agencies.

  1. The Sheriff’s Office: Dial their primary phone number- (936) 336-4500, and then the following extensions for the information you need:
  • For arrest records: 2013
  • For providing tips about active warrants: 2010
  • For information on a bail bond: 2009
  • For questions about criminal investigations (victim/lawyers/witnesses only): 2024
  • For filing a non-emergency complaint: 2003
  • For sex offender registration: 2024
  1. The Detention Center: Their primary phone number can be used to inquire about recent arrests. Call them on 936 336-9395.
  • For commissary: 245
  1. The judiciary: Call these offices for case records, criminal court dockets and information on arrest warrants.
  • The County Clerk: (936) 336-4670
  • The District Clerk: (936) 336-4682


Crime statistics for Liberty County, TX

The most recent crime rates available for Liberty County are those for 2018. In this year, the local police received nearly 850 complaints. Of the cases filed, almost 180 were against violent crimes, and aggravated assaults took the lead in this category, with 125 incidents. Over 660 complaints were filed against property crimes of which more than 330 were against larceny-theft.

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