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When searching for arrest records and warrant information for Hamilton County, Texas, or any other county in the country, for that matter, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The first is that most of these records can often be had for free if you’re willing to go the extra distance in communicating directly with county officials. The second is that several paid services will fetch this type of information for you. Although this tends to be a much easier route, it will also cost you more money.

The best official source for arrest warrant information for Hamilton County is the Hamilton County Sheriffs Office. You can find a website that details some of their functions at http://www.hamiltoncountytexas.us/Sheriff/Sheriff.htm. However, you will need to visit in person, call, or email their office for more specific information. You can find their physical location at 1108 S. Rice, in Hamilton, Texas, 76531. Their email address is sheriff et hamiltoncountytx.org.

There are a pair of additional resources that we advise for getting arrest record data for Hamilton County. These are the Offender Information Search, which you can find at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp, and the Criminal History Name Search tool you can find at https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/DpsWebsite/CriminalHistory/.

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Hamilton County? (By 2021)

  • To find out about recent arrests, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (254) 386-8128.
  • To conduct a warrants search, call the Hamilton County Court at (254)386-1290.
  • To receive details about victim’s assistance, contact the Hamilton Attorney’s Office at (254)386-3217.
  • To get information on how to begin a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at (254)386-1240.

Crime statistics of Hamilton County

In 2019, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office received 19 criminal complaints. There were 15 property offenses and 4 violent crimes among them.

Property offenses included 8 larceny thefts, 4 burglaries, and 3 motor vehicle thefts. In the category of violent crimes, there were 2 aggravated assaults and 2 rapes.

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