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In order for an arrest warrant anywhere in the state of Texas to be considered valid, it must contain a number of very specific details. The first of these is the name of the suspect. The second is the crime(s) which the suspect is accused of committing, and the third is the signature of the judge that authorized the arrest warrant.

For a judge to authorize an arrest warrant, he must be presented with evidence that makes it clear that the suspect was likely involved with the crime. It is important to note that all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty, and that a Refugio County TX arrest warrant is not considered an assumption of guilt.

To find out if you have an active arrest warrant for Refugio County TX, you would be well served by paying a visit to the sheriff of Refugio County. You may do so by visiting their office in Refugio Texas, or you can call them at 361-526-2351. If you are instead interested in the arrest records of people currently in prison in Refugio County, TX, you can look all of those up at the TDCJs Offender Information Search tool at . Or you can use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

Because of the risk of further legal problems, we recommend that you turn yourself in to the Refugio County Sheriffs Office if you have an active warrant for Refugio County TX. As warrants are issued by the state, police can cross county lines in pursuing you.

As a relatively small county in terms of population, Refugio County also has a very small prison population. Only 69 people are in prison in this county, as detailed by the TDCJ at .

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