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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Many of the counties throughout Texas have nearly-empty websites. If they have a website at all, Collin County has a robust, detailed, and up-to-date website, which can be hugely beneficial for anyone interested in arrest records and warrants for Collin County.

Best of all, you will need only one website for all of the information you require. The best place to begin would be at the home page for the Collin County Sheriff, which is located here:

To see if you, or someone you know, has an active arrest warrant in Collin County, visit this page and fill out the last name box:

You can see the Top Ten Most Wanted of Collin County here:

If you are looking for arrest or jail records, you can find a listing of all of the currently in jail in Collin County at this database: Click on the offender’s name to be taken to a page which details what they did to get themselves put there.

If you could not get the information you’re seeking through the Sheriff of Collin County, you should try the Texas DCJ. An official institution of Texas, this group catalogs all of the prisoners in Texas, and you can find their search engine here:


Who should you call for data on arrests and warrants from Collin County (2021-updated phone numbers)?

  • Detention Center Bookings Desk: 972-547-5200, to find out about recent arrests.
  • The Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency phone number): 972-547-5100, for filing a complaint, requesting reports and general information.
  • Support Services Bureau: 972-547-5537, for arrest records and information on active warrants and civil processes such as bench warrants.
  • The Office of the County Clerk: 972-548-4185, for judicial records and case search.
  • The Magistrate’s Court: 972-547-5485, for a warrant search and information on traffic ticket payment.
  • The Office of the District Clerk: 972-548-4320, for information on felony cases, jury duty, hearing dates.

Crime statistics for Collin County, TX

There wasn’t a big difference in the annual crimes averages of 2018 and 2019. In fact, the overall crime rate for both years hovered around the 400-incident mark. Of these, well over 300 complaints were filed against property crimes while approximately 70 reports were filed against violent crimes.

In the violent crime category, rape and aggravated assault were the most common crimes while in the property crime category burglary and larceny-theft accounted for the majority of the complaints.

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