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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Hunting down official records, no matter who you are, can go one of two ways: it can be straightforward, rewarding, and easy, or it can be frustrating, painful, and a tremendous waste of time. If youre looking for arrest warrants and records of arrest for Armstrong County, Texas, then why not take steps to ensure that it is the first option? You know: the easy one.

Making your public records query for Armstrong County, Texas go easily depends heavily on one thing: knowing where to look, and knowing what to ask for. For arrest records and warrants, this is generally an easy process, although there are some things that may cause slight difficulty.

The first is that full criminal background checks are available only with the express consent of the person whose background you are investigating.

However, if the person is currently in prison, then anyone is free to look at the details of their crime. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice maintains all of these records, and their main webpage is at However, what we want is an easily searchable database of all such records that we dont need permission to use. Thankfully, this website also provide this, and you can access it at .

Getting information concerning arrest warrants for Armstrong County, Texas is a bit trickier, and will require you to contact the sheriff of Armstrong County. Their website does not list current arrest warrants, although you can have a look for yourself at You can also contact this office by telephone at (806)226-3151.

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