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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

An arrest warrant search in Blanco County, TX, will often prove more efficacious than overt security measures in warding off criminal elements. In fact, when used together, these interventions can create an infallible safety plan. While the investment in security props such as cameras and alarms can be significant, an inquiry on arrest records and outstanding warrants will only cost a few bucks.

Whether you choose to go to a state agency or a private establishment, you will end up paying no more than a couple of dollars for the warrant search. The only difference is the approach towards payment taken by the varying sources. For example, government agencies will typically charge you on a per search basis. At the same time, private entities will ask you to buy a membership for a specific period and will allow you any number of searches through this interval.

State departments like the office of the county clerk work differently. This office will only charge you if you need the results of your inquiry in printed format. As long as you are only looking for details on Blanco County arrests and active warrants, you will be allowed to browse through their court dockets database for free. This agency will also offer information not just on arrest warrants and other such crime-related aspects but also on civil cases.

In contrast, the police and the office of the magistrate will charge you for every search. You will have to visit their office or write to the agency. The payment can be made by credit card or through a check or money order, depending on the contact method.

  • The Police: 400 US 281 South, Johnson City, Texas 78636
  • The court: 101 E Pecan Ave, Johnson City, TX 78636
  • The clerk of court: 7th and Nugent, Johnson City, Texas 78636

It is also possible to find information on Blanco County arrest warrants through the sheriff’s website at

Can you get any information pertaining to Blanco County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Call the Sheriff’s Office at 830-868-7104 for information about arrests.
  • Contact the County Court at 830-868-4266 for information on arrest warrants.
  • Call the County Attorney’s Office at 830-868-4447 for victim assistance.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court at 830-868-0973 for judicial records inquiries.

Crime statistics of Blanco County

The Blanco County Sheriff’s Office logged almost 50 criminal complaints in 2019. The cases they handled comprised nearly 40 property-related offenses and around 10 violent offenses.

About 25 larceny thefts, nearly 15 burglaries, and 1 motor vehicle theft were included in the property offenses category. Fewer than 10 aggravated assaults and 1 complaint against rape were included in the violent crimes category.

Older crime statistics

Blanco County, Texas, has a low annual crime rate of just a bit over 100 incidents. Of these crimes, nearly 6% are of a violent nature. Although the situation does not seem bleak just as yet, this may change soon given the growth of over 50% in crime rates.

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