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Accessing records that have official backing for nearly anything can be problematic in Texas and for most other states in the country. This is made doubly true because, often, these records aren’t even available online.

However, that does not mean you won’t be able to access these records at all, just that you will need to make a couple of phone calls and otherwise know exactly where to look.

Your best bet for inquiring about the status of current arrest warrants for Deaf Smith is to contact the sheriff of Deaf Smith.

If it’s arrest records for Deaf County that you’re looking for, then there is only one resource you will need to turn to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. State officials provide all of the information found on this website so that it can be trusted. Their homepage is

However, the one place you will definitely want to look at on their website is their online offender search system. This database contains information of every person in jail in Texas and can be used to see a brief outline of their criminal background. You can find this tool at

What are your options for finding details on warrants and recent arrests from Deaf Smith County over the phone? (2021-current)

  • The Deaf Smith County Court: (806)363-7000 – Contact for information on arrest warrants
  • The Deaf Smith County sheriff’s Office: (806) 364-2311 – Call for inquiries about recent arrests
  • The Victim’s Advocate: (806) 364-3700 – Contact to get details on assistance for victims and witnesses
  • The Clerk of the District Court: (806)364-3901 – Call for information on accessing judicial records

Crime statistics of Deaf Smith County

The annual crime rate of Deaf Smith County almost doubled in 2019. The local police received approximately 35 complaints in 2018, while they registered 68 criminal cases in 2019. Property crimes led to the filing of 60 complaints, while 8 cases were filed against violent crimes.

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