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What is an arrest warrant? To find information concerning TX arrest warrants, it is important to first understand what an arrest warrant is. Essentially, arrest warrants are extensions of the authority of the state of Texas to enforce Texan laws. When an arrest warrant is issued for an individual, it allows for law enforcement personnel to apprehend the person named and charge them with the crime as named. For this kind of warrant to be valid, it must include the name of the alleged perpetrator, the crimes that they were accused of, and the signature of the magistrate or the judge. Once signed, the named person must be arrested within 48 hours.

If you would like to search for arrest warrants for Milam County, Texas, we advise starting by consulting the Milam County Sheriffs Office’s web page You can also visit the office yourself at 512 N. Jefferson, in Cameron, TX 76520, or you could reach these offices by phone at 254-697-7033. Are you looking instead for arrest record information for Milam County? If so, then you will either want to consult the TDCJs Offender Information Search Tool at or simply use the search form above to instantly search through an online criminal records database. Please be aware that the TDCJ link only works for those persons in prison now.

If you have an arrest warrant filed in your name for Milam County, TX, then we recommend handing yourself over to the local authorities as soon as possible. As an additional note, because TX warrants are issued on behalf of the state, they can be exercised over county lines.

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