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Scouring the net for official records for any county, whether you’re looking for arrest records and warrants for Crane County, Texas, or just about anything else, can be a tremendous hassle. As there are many commercial websites out there that can get you the information you’re after, it is important to have a good idea of what you’re searching for before you begin.

With this in mind, all of the information in this article is derived from official resources, written to help you collect information of an official nature in mind.

You’re going to want to start by visiting the web page of the Crane County Sheriffs Office. This website can be found at Here, you can find information that will allow you to contact the Crane County Sheriff, who will tell you about the arrest records of persons they are currently holding and, often, information about arrest warrants for Crane County. Alternatively, you can mail their offices at PO Box 1175 in Crane, TX, 79731, or contact them by phone at 432-558-3571.

If the Sheriff of Crane County cannot or will not get you the information you are after, then the next best resource is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Their website, located at, houses a trove of information about the various criminal acts committed within Texas, including for Crane County. You can even search a full database of current inmates in Texas at

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