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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Are you searching for the arrest records and warrants for persons in Brooks County, Texas? While there are many bad ways to perform this kind of search, there are a handful of good ones, and we would like to show you some of the best.

Unfortunately, Brooks County is similar to many other counties throughout the state in that they do not provide a very developed website to showcase this sort of information. Their website, part of the Brooks County website, can be located here: As you can see, all that is really listed here is the contact information for the sheriff.

Still, this information is a valuable starting point. You should either call County Sheriff Rey Rodriguez at (361)-325-3696 or visit him in person at PO Box 558 in Falfurrias, Texas 78355.

While this will help you in your quest to access arrest warrants for Brooks County, it may not be able to help you with arrest records. Although the sheriff can tell you whether or not a specific individual is in jail right now, he won’t be able to provide you with a full list. That is where the Texas Department of Criminal Justice comes in. You can find their main website at

However, we recommend that you spend some time with the section of their website called Offender Search. This tool, found at, will let you scour all of Texas for any prisoner you think might be there.

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