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If you’ve never had to take the time to look up official records for any of the many counties in Texas, then you haven’t had an opportunity to find that this can be an extraordinarily time-consuming process. Because many of these records are housed deep in the bowels of official websites, if they’re even available online at all, getting your hands on them can be very difficult. Thankfully, finding arrest records and warrants for Harris County, Texas, shouldn’t be as tricky as it can be for other counties.

This is because of the website provided by the Sheriff’s Office of Harris County. This website, which you can find here. Although this website doesn’t list all of the details of arrest records or even arrest warrants, it does provide a clear path for obtaining such information. You can find a contact page that deals exclusively with fugitives and arrest warrants here. Call the numbers listed, or email the address provided to make your request.

You can see the arrest records of persons currently in prison in Harris County in one of two ways. You can either visit this page https://apps.jims.hctx.net/sopublic/ to look up records of individual prisoners. Alternatively, you can use a tool provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which helps you search the prisoners throughout the state of Texas. This tool can be located at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp.

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