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Are you worried that the person you just hired to babysit your children has a very recent arrest record? Maybe you haven’t seen your son in a while, and, given his propensity for getting into trouble, he has once again landed himself in prison. Ultimately, your reasons for needing to access the arrest records and even the current arrest warrants for Dimmit County, Texas, are entirely your own, and they’re none of our business. Our business is to help you get access to this information.

You will want to start any search for arrest warrant information directly with the Dimmit County, Texas Sheriffs Office. This office has a website at http://www.dimmitcountytexas.us/, although it contains only some details concerning this kind of information. Instead, you will want to either call the sheriff’s office or even visit it in person to make your inquiry. You may find the sheriff’s office of Dimmit County at 669 Industrial Blvd in Carrizo Springs, Texas, 78834, and you can contact them via telephone at 830-876-3508. Finally, you can also email the sheriff at [email protected]

The best resource that we have found online for looking up arrest records, at least for persons currently in the Texas jail system, is provided by the Texas DCJ. Although this can only be used to see records of persons in jail right now, it can still be a useful tool. You can access it at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp.

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