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Arrest warrants are essentially orders, on behalf of the state, to arrest the person named on the warrant. Arrest warrants are issued after a crime has been committed, and local police forces have good reason to believe that they know the individual committed them. Active warrants are created and issued once state laws have been broken, whether in Lubbock County, TX, or any other Texas county. As explained by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, officials have 48 hours to arrest the person indicated.

If you’re concerned that there is an outstanding warrant in your name, then there are a few places where you can look this information up. The simplest way to perform a Lubbock County arrest warrant or arrest record search is to contact the Lubbock County Sheriffs Office. You can reach them by telephone at 806-775-1400, or 811 Main Street, in Lubbock, TX 79408. A website also exists which details the most wanted persons for Lubbock County, TX at You can perform an arrest records search through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice by visiting this link: Finally, you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you do, in fact, have an outstanding warrant for Lubbock County, TX, then you should be aware that fleeing to another county will not help you. Although arrest warrants are issued by courts in the county where the crime was committed, state police can cross county lines to perform arrests. While state lines cannot be crossed, you can and most likely will be extradited into Lubbock County, Texas, where you will be brought regardless of where you are picked up.

You can view the statute that explains arrest warrant laws in TX at

At the end of 2010, there were 2,326 persons in the prisons in Lubbock County, and an additional 164 persons in state prison, according to the TDCJ Statistical Report


How do you get information on Lubbock County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-update)


  • To know about recent arrest, call Lubbock County Jail on 806-775-7009.
  • For non-emergency inquiries and information, contact the Office of the Sheriff on 806-775-1600.
  • To initiate a warrant search or file a complaint about a person with an outstanding warrant against him, call on 806-775-1422.
  • For information on bench warrants and other civil processes, call on 806-775-1492.
  • To know more about a criminal case filed by you, use the phone number of the Criminal Investigations Division- 806-775-1494.
  • For inquiries pertaining to court dockets (county courts), connect with the County Clerk on 806-775-1076.
  • For criminal court records pertaining to felony complaints, contact the District Clerk on 806- 775-1310.


Crime statistics for Lubbock County, TX

The annual crime average of Lubbock County in 2019 stood at fewer than 350 incidents as opposed to the almost 400 incidents reported in 2018. The most significant drop was seen in the rate of violent crimes, which plunged by nearly 30% to go from a yearly incident average of 25 complaints to just 16 complaints.


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