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Throughout the boundaries of Texas, arrest warrants fall under the purview of the Code of Criminal Procedures Warrant Under Arrest section. This indicates that arrest warrants, no matter which county you are in, operate in identical ways. Because arrest warrants are issued with the explicit authority of the state of Texas, an arrest warrant from one county is valid in every other county in Texas. One of the implications of this is that fleeing an active arrest warrant in one county will not prevent you from being arrested in another county.

For an active arrest warrant to be issued, a set of steps must be followed. First, police officials must appear in court, and demonstrate evidence to a judge that implicated an individual in a crime. If the evidence is sufficient, then the judge will issue an active warrant, which will permit police to arrest the suspect. Once signed, the perpetrator must be picked up within 48 hours. All Trinity County arrest warrants need to include the name of the suspect, the crime, and the signature of the authorizing judge.

To find out if you have an existing, pending, or active warrant for Trinity County TX, the best course of action is to contact the sheriff of Trinity County directly. Youre able to do so either at PO Box 95, in Groveton TX 75845, or at 936-642-1424. Be informed that youll probably be required to perform a warrant check in person. If you would like to search for Trinity County TX arrest records, you can use this link: . Alternatively you are able use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

If you find you have an active warrant, contact an attorney immediately.

Trinity County TX had 94 prisoners as of the end of 2010, as according to the report filed by the TDCJ at .

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