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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

The investigative process for finding arrest records and warrants for any place in Texas depends broadly upon the skill you know where to find that information. Put, not all types of data are made readily available online in easy to find places. Because of this, we have created a series of articles that detail the best methods by which you can find information about arrest records and warrants for Callahan County, Texas.

For looking for active arrest warrants, you will want to start by getting into contact with Sheriff John Windham of the Callahan County Sheriffs Office. You can reach his offices at (325)854-1444, or at 432 Market Street, in Baird, Texas.

You should be aware that the sheriff is not necessarily obliged to give you this information outright. However, most county sheriffs will provide you with a list of those persons who are currently wanted, although you often will need to visit the station in person to read it.

However, many sheriff’s offices will not provide arrest records. While they can usually tell you if a specific person is in jail, they are limited in what they can tell you. Because of this, you should utilize the tools provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to find people currently in jail. Note, however, that their search tool covers only persons currently serving time. You can access this tool at

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