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In the state of Texas, as with many of the states throughout the country, an arrest warrant is an authorization granted to officers of the peace that allows them to place a named suspect under arrest. For a warrant to be authorized, evidence has to be shown to a judge or a magistrate. If the judge finds that enough evidence has been provided, they will sign the warrant, giving officers the peace 48 hours to apprehend the suspect. All arrest warrants must include the name of the alleged perpetrator, the judge’s signature, and brief details of the crime committed.

To perform a Montgomery County warrants search, several different avenues may be followed. Generally, we recommend that you start first with the Montgomery County sheriff’s office’s warrants division. You can find a page on their website that deals with warrants at You can also visit this office yourself at #1 Criminal Justice Drive, in Conroe, Texas 77301. If searching instead for arrest records, you will want to visit the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website, as their Offender Information Search tool found at – can get you the arrest records of any person currently in prison. Additionally, you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

Often, the best course of action, when confronted with an active warrant, is to surrender yourself as soon as possible to local authorities. Because Texas warrants are considered an extension of the state’s authority and not the county where the warrant was issued, you can be arrested regardless of which Texas county you are currently in. You can view the law that deals with Texas warrants at

At the end of 2010, the TDCJ annual Statistical Report details 1,560 persons currently in jail within the county. You can find this report at

Understanding the Montgomery County Booking Log

Montgomery County maintains a public record of all people booked into the county jail following an arrest. This record, known as the booking log, can be viewed online by anyone. Daily updates are made to the booking log, which provides information on those who have been arrested.

The booking log contains the name, birth date, and booking mugshot. In addition, it lists the individual’s charges, the amount of their bail, and the time and date of their arrest. In some instances, the booking log could also contain information regarding a person’s past arrests.

A people’s inclusion in the booking record does not always indicate a criminal conviction. The bulk of those who are arrested are freed on bail and may not be prosecuted. Moreover, the booking log may contain errors or inaccuracies. If you have questions about a particular person listed in the booking record, you should contact the Montgomery County jail or the Montgomery County Clerk’s office.

The booking log is a helpful resource for keeping track of criminal and arrest activities in Montgomery County. It may also be utilized by the relatives and friends of persons who have been arrested to find out where they are being detained and what charges they face.

Noting that the booking log may not be the most recent or accurate source of information is essential. It is best to contact the jail’s official website or the Clerk’s office for the most current data.

The Montgomery County Texas booking record is a great resource for those who wish to remain updated on county arrests. It contains information about arrested individuals, including their names, charges, bail amount, and booking photo. Individuals should contact the prison or Clerk’s office for more information, as the booking record is not always the most recent or accurate source of information.

Can you get any details on arrests and warrants from Montgomery County over the phone (2021-specific)?

The Sheriff’s Office and various branches of the judiciary do provide some criminal history information over the phone. At the least, they will tell you the procedure to access the details you need. So, if you are interested in a warrants search or an arrest records inquiry, do dial these numbers before heading down to the office of a state agency.

  • For filing non-emergency complaints, providing crime tips, and getting general information: The Sheriff’s Office-(936) 760-5800.
  • For arrest records and warrants related information: (936) 760-5883.
  • For inmate search and inquiries (936) 760-5800 #2; bookings and releases.
  • For Victim Services- (936) 538-7705.
  • For questions and complaints about worthless checks: (936) 539-7847.
  • For women’s self-defense programs: (936) 760-5867.
  • For civil matters handled by the County Court: (936) 539-7890.
  • For criminal matters heard by the District Court:(936) 539-7855.

Crime statistics for Montgomery County, TX

The property crime rate of Montgomery County soared by 10% in 2019 as compared to the previous year to reach a high of nearly 5000 cases. But the annual crime average continued to prevail at the 5700 incident mark, owing to the drop in the rate of violent crime. The number of incidents in this crime category fell by well over 10%, leading to 100 fewer cases of assault, rape, and murder.

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