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By the end of 2008, Kent County, Texas, had a total of 708 persons residing within its boundaries. Compared to the state total of more than 24 million people, Kent County is a tiny county in terms of population. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, it also houses remarkably few prisoners at the end of 2010. Kent County had only 8 persons in prison that hailed from its boundaries.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to its small size, Kent County does not have a formal web page for its sheriff’s office. While it has a contact page, which can be viewed at, you will need to contact their offices directly to make inquiries concerning arrest warrant information. You can find their offices at PO Box 7, in Jayton, Texas, 79528, or you can request by telephone at 806-237-3801.

If you’re trying to get arrest records for Kent County, Texas, several online resources should benefit your search. The first, provided by the Texas DCJ, is an offender information search and can be found at This tool can be used to look up the arrest record information of any person in Kent County or even any person in the state of Texas, provided that they are currently in prison.

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