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Are you worried that there is an arrest warrant out for you in Dallam County, Texas? What about for someone you know, like, or even love? No matter your reasons for needing to see the arrest warrant status of certain individuals, the most important facet of your search will be where you start looking for records.

Unfortunately, Dallam County is like many of the other counties in Texas in that they do not provide a list of current active arrest warrants. Because of this, you will need to contact the Dallam County Sheriff directly. You can find their website at http://www.dallam.org/county/sheriff.shtml, although it lists little more than contact information.

You can visit their offices in person at 501 Denver Avenue, in Dalhart, TX 79022. Alternatively, you can email the sheriff at sheriff et dallam.org, or contact them by phone at 806-244-2313.

If you are looking for arrest records for Dallam County, you can use the contact information above, or contact the Dallam County Jail directly at 806-244-2541.

However, there is one other resource the Texas DCJ. This group, which is officially maintained by the state of Texas, is an excellent resource for looking up the arrest records of every person that is currently in jail anywhere in the state. Although you wont be able to view a full background of persons in the state, you can still see what they did that got them landed in prison in the first place. You can utilize this database at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp .

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