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In the state of Texas, an arrest warrant functions very similarly to the way that warrants function in other states. As a direct extension of the state’s authority to execute its laws, an arrest warrant permits officers of peace to arrest the individual that has been named by the warrant. Warrants in Texas must contain several different things for them to be valid, such as the name of the person, the crimes that they are accused of having committed, the signature of the judge or magistrate who authorized the warrant, and the name of the county of origin of the warrant.

If you’re concerned that there might be an arrest warrant out for you and you would like to perform a warrant search for Madison County, TX, then the best place to start is by calling the Madison County Office of the Sheriff. You can visit these offices in person at 2005 East Main Street, in Madisonville, TX 77864. For records of arrest for Madison County, you can use this resource, as provided by the Texas DCJ: Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If there is an active warrant for you in Madison County, TX, it is often best to initially get into contact with a defense attorney and to ultimately turn yourself over to the authorities. You can look at the address listed above for the sheriff. Please be advised that as Madison County warrants are extensions of the state, they may be prosecuted over county lines.

You can view the statute that governs Texas warrants here:

At the end of last year, there were 95 persons in jail within Madison County and an additional 3 persons at the state prison level. You can view the 2010 Statistical Report at

How do you request information on Madison County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)

  • In order to do a warrant search, call the Madison County Court at (936)241-6202.
  • In order to request an arrest report or records pertaining to an incident/accident handled by the police, call the Sheriff’s Office at (936) 348-2755.
  • In order to connect with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at (936) 348-7049.
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at (936)241-6212.

Crime statistics of Madison County

In Madison County, roughly 75 criminal complaints were lodged in 2019. Approximately 65 of them were for property offenses, such as larceny-theft (15), burglary (34), and motor vehicle thefts (17). In the category of violent crimes, there were 7 cases of aggravated assault in the annual total of 8 events.

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