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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Launching an arrest warrants search in Guadalupe County, TX, is a surefire way to find information on third-party crime history and get a fair idea about instances of identity theft and get a formal background report for official purposes. Of course, these inquiries can also be used to find any arrest warrants pending in your own name.

However, it would not be prudent to take the warrant search to a state department in this scenario. You cannot find out about Guadalupe County arrest records and outstanding warrants over the phone. So, writing to the agency or visiting them are the only two options available. When you are at the office of the law enforcement agency or the judiciary, you will be told to provide a government-issued photo ID.

So, they will undoubtedly find out if there is an arrest warrant in Guadalupe County against you, and then it is straight to the slammer! Fortunately, people who find themselves in a quandary over an existing active warrant don’t have to resort to taking state agencies’ help; there is a simpler and safer way.

Take a look at the form on top of this web page. Filling it will get you the link to a private agent’s website that offers crime history data online. Through them, you can find information on Guadalupe County active warrants and arrests and criminal records from the rest of the nation as well. However, those of you who need a formal background report will have to take their inquiry to state offices.

What is the best way to approach state agencies for information on Guadalupe arrests and warrants in 2021?

To visit the offices of the police and judiciary, go to:

  • Law enforcement: 2611 N Guadalupe St, Seguin, Texas 78155. Call them on
  • The courthouse: 101 E Court St, Seguin, TX 78155

To contact these agencies over the phone, call them on:

  • The County Clerk on 830-303-8861 for misdemeanor criminal records.
  • The District Clerk on  830-303-8877 for details on how to access felony court records.
  • The County Attorney (only if you are a victim) on 830- 303-6130 (Misdemeanor Division) or 830- 303-1922 (Felony Division).
  • The Adult Detention Center on 830-303-8866 for details on recent arrests and release on bail.
  • The Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office on 830-379-1224 for details on open records requests.
  • The Criminal Investigation Division on 830-379-1224 EXT 2248 for case-related information (only if you are the victim).

Criminal Statistics for Guadalupe County, TX!

In the recent past, the Guadalupe County Police have seldom had to deal with more than 500 complaints per annum, and 2018 was no different. The reports filed in this year included about 448 complaints against property crimes and approximately 70 against violent crimes. In 2019, these figures dipped to reach 424 and 69, respectively.

Approximately 2800 criminal complaints are taken to the sheriff’s department of Guadalupe County, Texas, every year. Of these instances, about 8% are violent crime cases, while the remaining are property crimes. In recent years, there has been a spurt of almost 70% in incidents of this type.

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