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Before starting a search for arrest warrants in Zapata County TX, it is an excellent idea to first come to an understanding of what an arrest warrant is and how they function in Texas.

A warrant of arrest serves as an extension of Texas authority to an individual county, and permits that county to use its law enforcement personnel to apprehend and place under arrest the person named by the warrant. An arrest warrant in Zapata County TX does not indicate guilt. Because all counties in Texas must follow the Arrest Under Warrant chapter of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, which you can read at, it is easy to describe the process by which warrants are issued.

First, police officers must convince a judge in a Zapata County Court that a particular individual is likely to blame for a crime. If the judge is convinced, they will sign the arrest warrant, which grants police forty eight hours to find and arrest the person indicated by the warrant. All arrest warrants in Texas must include the name of the suspect, a list of their crimes, and the signature of the judge.

Because an arrest warrant is issued through the authority of Texas, they are valid in every county. This means you cannot escape a Zapata County arrest warrant by fleeing to another county in Texas.

To find out whether or not you have an arrest warrant in Zapata County Texas, you should contact the sheriff of Zapata County, either at 2311 STOP 23A, in Zapata TX 78076, or by phone at 956-765-9960. Often, the best course of action if you have an active arrest warrant is to hand yourself in, but you should contact a defense attorney before proceeding. To look into criminal records, simply use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

As a result of arrest warrant originating from Zapata County TX, 11 people have been placed in prison by the close of 2010. You can read the report from which this data comes at .

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