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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Launching an arrest warrant search in Burleson County, TX, is a relatively easy process that entails furnishing information about the subject and paying the required fees. The only issue is that you will have to visit the state agency of your choosing in person to find out about the arrest records and outstanding warrants in the name of your subject.

However, even this requirement can be circumvented if you get in touch with a private information seller. Although these agencies collect the criminal history information for their databases from state establishments, they are not connected with the government in any way. This makes them safe even for people who have Burleson County arrest warrants out against them.

To connect with a third party establishment, you can fill the form above. The advantage of using such a firm’s services is that you will get access to information on arrests and outstanding warrants from Burleson County and the rest of the country. Add to this the fact that these agencies allow you to launch your warrant searches online, and it is easy to understand why they have so many takers.

However, for official inquiries, you will have to get in touch with a state establishment mandatorily. Those that provide details on crime history, including active warrants, have been given below. Connect with them by visiting their office in person or writing to them at:

  • The Police: 1334 Hwy 21E, Caldwell, Texas 77836
  • The court: 100 W Buck St, Caldwell, TX 77836
  • The clerk of court: Buck and Fox St. Room 203, 2nd Floor, Caldwell, Texas 77832

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Burleson County? (2021- Update)

  • To learn about recent arrests: (979) 567-4343.
  • To request an arrest report or incident/accident reports: (979) 567-4343.
  • To know if a person is wanted on an outstanding warrant: (979)567-2333.
  • To get in touch with Victim/Witness Service: (979)567-2340.
  • To get judicial records: (979)567-2336.

Crime statistics of Burleson County

The Burleson County Sheriff’s Department filed roughly 140 criminal reports in 2019. More than 100 of the crimes reported were property crimes, while only about 20 involved crimes against people. The majority of property crime cases were attributed to larceny theft (63 cases) and burglary (34 cases). The complaints in the category of violent crimes included 10 cases of aggravated assault and 7 of rape, among other offenses.

Older crime statistics

In Burleson County, Texas, approximately 180 criminal complaints are filed per year, but only about 20% of these are against violent criminal acts. Annually, about 36 instances of violent crimes such as murder, assault, and homicide are reported to the police ad there has been a growth of nearly 70% in this crime category.

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