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Located north of Abilene, Texas, King County is one of the very smallest counties in Texas in terms of its population size. As of the 2008n census, whose data can be found at, King County has only 281 inhabitants. Due in part to its very small population, King County also has remarkably few prisoners, only one, as of the 2010 Texas Department of Criminal Justice annual report ( ). This person isn’t even housed within the county but at a nearby state prison.

Perhaps because of its minimal size, King County, Texas does not have a website for its sheriff’s department. Due to this, all inquiries for arrest warrants must be made directly to the sheriff’s office. You can call this office at 806-596-4413, or you can visit it in person at Highway 82&83, in Guthrie, Texas 79236.

Thankfully, getting information that concerns arrest record information does not depend on the county’s population size or even whether or not that county has sufficient web resources. This is because all of this information is collated and maintained by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the same organization that provided the statistics page referenced earlier in the article. You can find a tool that details all of the current prisoner population at

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