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For a county as large as Kendall County, Texas, it has remarkably few current prison inmates: as of 2010, only 79 total persons were being held in captivity for various crimes. This information comes courtesy of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and you can read their report for the 2010 fiscal year at According to the latest data from the website, Kendall County is home to 32,866 total persons.

For specific questions about arrest records and warrants for Kendall County, we believe it is best to contact Kendall County’s sheriff directly. You can begin by visiting their website at

For arrest record information, other resources exist. We generally direct inquiring citizens to the website of the Texas DCJ because of their excellent offender information search tool, which you can find at This tool will allow you to view all of the persons currently in prison in the Texas prison system. If you’re searching for a particular person’s criminal history, you may wish to use the criminal history name search tool, which you can find here:

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