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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

In our extensive experience for hunting down records for counties like Hunt County, the hardest part of getting the information you need is finding trusted, official sources. Because an internet search for something like Hunt County arrest warrants can yield so many results from somewhat shady organizations, it’s best if you know to start with the official sources of this kind of information.

There are two big organizations you’ll want to start with. The first is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which handles many criminal justice concerns throughout the state. This, thankfully, includes things like detailing the full and current inmate population of Texas. You can see a tool that is capable of searching this list at

The second trustworthy organization is the Texas Department of Public Safety. Although this group does a wide number of different things, it also hosts a criminal history name search, which can be used to search for criminal backgrounds of many of the people in the state of Texas.

Finally, if you’re looking for arrest warrant information for Hunt County, Texas, then you’ll want to get into contact directly with the sheriff of Hunt County. You can find their website at You can also visit these offices on your own at 2801 Stuart Street, in Greenville, Texas 75401.


Is it possible to get information on Hunt arrests and warrants over the phone?

Typically, the local police and judiciary have no qualms about offering information pertaining to arrests over the phone, but a warrant search is a whole different matter. Similarly, there is no way to initiate a criminal background check over the phone. But, this approach is good for a preliminary investigation. So, here are some numbers that will prove useful:

  • To report a crime and to file a request for incident reports, use the phone number (903) 453-6800.
  • For information on recent arrests, call the Detention Center on (903) 453-6851.
  • For court records, dates and dockets for the county courts call the County Clerk on (903) 408-4130.
  • To know about a criminal case that is being heard by the District Court, call the District Clerk on (903) 408-4172

Crime statistics for Hunt County, TX

In 2019, the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office handled nearly 900 criminal complaints. Of these, 570 were made against property crimes, while violent crimes accounted for 350 of all reports filed. Within these crime categories, aggravated assault was the most frequently reported violent crime with an incident rate of over 320, while larceny theft accounted for the bulk of the reported property crimes, at almost 300 incidents.

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