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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

It doesnt matter if you are worried that theres an arrest record out for yourself, someone that you are close to, or even for an employee of yours. What does matter is that, when the time comes, you know how to access this kind of information for Lipscomb County. Because these kinds of records are not always immediately available online, we have compiled a set of resources that will help facilitate your search for arrest records and arrest warrants for Lipscomb County, Texas.

If youre only searching for arrest warrant information for Lipscomb County, Texas, then you will want to get into contact with the Lipscomb County Sheriff. You may best do so via telephone at 806-862-2611. As Lipscomb County, Texas, has a very small population just under 3,000 according to – it has a consequentially low prisoner inmate population. In fact, as of 2010, only 13 individuals were in prison in the county according to .

This means that if you are looking for arrest records for persons within Lipscomb County, your best resource will be the Texas Department of Public Safetys criminal history name search tool, which you can access at The main reason youll want to use this tool is because it is not limited to persons that are currently in prison. However, you can also search out the arrest records of people in prison in Lipscomb County by using this tool: .

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