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Are you searching for arrest records and warrants for Gregg County, Texas? The chances are that if you’ve come across this article, then that is exactly what you are doing. Although these records, for some counties, can be challenging to obtain, this isn’t usually because they aren’t publically available. Rather, they are just difficult to find. It is our goal to help you locate these records.

For getting access to arrest warrants for Gregg County, Texas, you’ll want to begin by contacting the sheriff of Gregg County directly. You can reach them by visiting their offices at 101 E. Methvin, Suite 559, in Longview, Texas. You can also browse a detailed list of all wanted persons in Gregg County, Texas, which can be an easy way to see who has an arrest warrant out for them currently. This list can be found at

If you wish to see the arrest records of persons from Gregg County, you should look at the website hosted by the TDCJ. The TDCJ has an Offender Information Search tool, located at, and will give you information about all of the people inhabiting the jails throughout Texas, including those in Gregg County. You can also perform a criminal history search here:


Is it possible to do a warrant search over the phone in Gregg County, SC? (2021-update)

It is unlikely that the police will provide information on outstanding warrants over the phone. You can, however, discuss a suspicious activity/person with the officers and they will no doubt take the required action.

 On the other hand, you can call the law enforcement office for information on recent arrests and get in touch with the local judicial agencies for criminal and civil case records. Listed below are their phone numbers:

  • The Sheriff’s Office: Locals can dial 903-236-8400 for non-emergency complaints and general questions. Out-of-county callers should use the phone number- 800-765-2189.
  • The Detention Center: Use the phone number of the Corrections Division- 903-236-1755 for questions and details pertaining to the local jail, including visitation related information.
  • The North Jail: 903-236-1782.
  • The South Jail: 903-236-1771.
  • County Clerk: Call on 903- 236-8430 to learn about case records from the lower courts, including the Magistrate’s Court.
  • The District Clerk: Connect with this office on 903-237-2663 for inquiries about cases handled by the Circuit Court.

Crime statistics for Gregg County, TX

The overall crime rate of Gregg County showed a decrease of almost 15% between 2018 and 2019. From a high of almost 500 incidents per annum, the police were down to tackling about 450 complaints in 2019. Furthermore, a dip was observed in the rates of both violent and property crimes, with the latter plunging by almost 20%, to go from about 400 incidents to 370 in the most recent year.


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