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If you have stumbled across our page, which deals exclusively with the arrest records and warrants for Cherokee County, Texas, we imagine that you have good reason to want this information. Possibly you’re concerned that you hired someone you shouldn’t have. Maybe you have a buddy that’s been missing awhile and has a propensity for getting himself landed in jail. Maybe you’re just a student curious about statistics dealing with crime in the state of Texas or the County of Cherokee.

Regardless, we can help. If you are interested in the arrest records and brief criminal history of the people currently in jail in the state of Texas, which includes Cherokee County, then you’re going to want to visit the Texas DCJ website. You can find their main webpage at, and it deals with just about all of the information you could ever want to know about the criminals in Texas.

However, it won’t tell you that people in the county of Cherokee have arrest warrants out in their name. To get this kind of information, you’re going to have to head directly for the source of that information: the Sheriff of Cherokee County. You can find the homepage for the sheriff at You can find their street address at 272 Underwood, in Rusk, Texas.

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Cherokee County? (In the year 2021)

  • To access information about warrants, contact the Cherokee County Court at (903)683-2324.
  • To get information about recent arrests, call the Cherokee County Jail at (903) 683-6365            
  • To request an arrest report, contact the Sheriff’s Office at (903) 683-2271.
  • To reach Victim/Witness Services, please contact the Victim’s Advocate at (903)683-2423.
  • To get a certified statement of criminal court records, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (903)683-4533.

Crime statistics of Cherokee County

The Cherokee Sheriff’s Department received 423 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 503 cases filed in 2018. There were 362 property offenses and 61 crimes against people among the annual crime rate of 2019.

Around 200 larceny thefts, 117 burglaries, and 47 motor vehicle thefts were among the property offenses recorded. Nearly 50 aggravated assaults, 7 rapes, and 2 robberies were among the reported violent offenses.

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