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Scouring the internet for official records, more often than not, leads to more difficulty than it can often be worth. Unfortunately, this also hold true for getting arrest record and warrant information for Hudspeth County, Texas. Thankfully, this information is available, and it is out there you just need to know where to look for it.

For arrest warrant information for Hudspeth County, Texas, we recommend starting with the website of the Hudspeth County Sheriff, which you can find at Although the actual list of arrest warrants isnt placed here, you can learn a lot about the county, as well as some of the procedures used by the Hudspeth County Sheriffs Office. You can also contact the sheriff directly at 915-369-2161 to inquire about arrest warrants.

For arrest records, youre best off using one of two resources, provided by two different organizations. Although both groups are state-funded, they are separate, and have access to different kinds of information.

The first tool, which is provided by the Texas DCJ, can be used to scan the names and crimes of the current prisoner population of the state of Texas. You can find this tool at . Simply enter as much information as you have, and then follow the on screen prompts.

Similarly, the Texas DPH has a tool that will allow you to search for the full criminal background of any particular person youre interested in. You can find this tool at

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