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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

No matter where you are in Texas, arrest warrants function identically. This is because the laws that dictate arrest warrants in TX are written at the state level (you can read the complete statutes at, and every county in the state must adhere to this law. Although one of the most significant is that an arrest warrant in San Patricio County is valid in every other county in the state, this has several implications. This means that you can be arrested in any county, regardless of the arrest warrant’s origin.

For an active TX warrant to be issued, officers of the peace must first appear before a judge and display their evidence. If the judge believes that sufficient evidence has been gathered, he will issue an active warrant, including the name of the suspect and the crime they committed. Once issued, officers have 48 hours in which they must apprehend the suspect. Please note that warrants are not indications of guilt, and only a trial can demonstrate guilt.

To perform a San Patricio TX warrant search, we recommend contacting the San Patricio TX Sheriffs Office. You may do so in person at 300 North Rachal St., in Stinton, TX 78387, or by telephone at 361-364-2251. Please note that you may be arrested if you choose to perform your search in person if there is an active warrant for you. You can perform an arrest record search of the current prison population at Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

According to the 2010s Annual Statistical Report, as filed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, as many as 409 people were in prison in San Patricio County. You can view the full report at

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