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In the state of Texas, the way that arrest warrants function is the same across the state. The functionality of warrants in Texas is determined by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (which you can read for yourself at Because these laws are organized at the state level, every county throughout the state must follow them. This means that Smith County TX warrant laws are the same as those for every other county.

The most important things to know about Smith County TX warrants are that they are also issued by the state of Texas’s authority and can therefore be executed over county lines by police. All TX warrants must include the suspect’s name, the crime they are suspected of, and the signature of the judge who authorized the warrant. For a warrant to be created, police officials must demonstrate evidence to the courts that a particular suspect is a likely culprit.

To perform a Smith County TX warrants search, we recommend consulting the Smith County TX Sheriffs Office. You can find a web page dedicated to obtaining official records at You may also visit their offices at 100 N. Broadway, in Tyler, TX, or contact them by phone at 903-590-2600. You can search for arrest records of current prison inmates at, or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If you find that you have a Smith County active warrant, you should first contact a defense attorney. Usually, it is best to turn yourself in as soon as possible, although your attorney should always be consulted first.

According to the TDCJ 2010 Annual Statistical Report, located at, 2,565 persons were in Smith County prisons, with an additional 196 in state prisons.


Who should you call for information on Smith County arrests and warrants? (2021-update)

You will only find a limited amount of information about active warrants and recent arrests from Smith County over the phone. The tidbits up for grab include:

  • Details on bookings and releases and bonds from Jail Operations- 903-590-2668.
  • Inmate records; i.e. actual time spent in the County Jail- 903-590-2613.
  • Very brief information on active warrants and the county’s most wanted from the Public Information Officer of the Sheriff’s Department- 903-590-2667.
  • Judicial records and court dockets for the District Court from the Office of the District Clerk- 903-590-4670.
  • Information on active warrants and misdemeanor cases from the Office of the County Clerk- 903-590-4890.


Crime statistics for Smith County, TX

In 2019, there was an upswing in the rates of both property and violent crime in Smith County, TX. Violent crimes increased by almost 30%, going from 270 complaints in 2018 to a high of over 335 incidents in the following year.

The property crime rate increased just as much, going from 1345 to 1453 complaints in 2019. Of the property crimes, burglary and larceny-theft accounted for almost 80% of the incidents, with 1200 complaints.

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