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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

An arrest warrant is an official, state-provided mandate given to officers of the peace that directs them to apprehend the person named on the arrest warrant. Although arrest warrants always originate in the county where the crime was committed, they are issued on behalf of the state. All arrest warrants must also be signed by a judge or a magistrate and include the broken statutes and laws. Once issued, officers of the peace have 48 hours to apprehend the person indicated on the active warrant.

If you are concerned that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, then the place where you will want to begin your warrants search is through the McCulloch County Sheriff’s Office. You can reach them in-person at 300 W. Main Street, Brady, TX 76825. Most precincts will require you to appear in person to make an arrest warrant search request, so be prepared to visit the station. If you’re searching for arrest records, you can use this resource: Provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, it can tell you the criminal histories of all current prisoners. Alternatively, you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

If it turns out that you do have an outstanding warrant, you should turn yourself in as soon as possible. This is because the courts will often go easier on those they do not have to apprehend via an arrest. Although your warrant is active in a particular county in TX, state police officers can cross county lines and apprehend you no matter where you are in Texas.

You can find the statute that outlines active and pending arrest warrants in Texas at

Can you get any information pertaining to McCulloch County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • (325) 597-2290 – Call for information on recent arrests
  • (325)597-0733 – ext. 4 – Call for a warrant search
  • (325)597-9151 – Call to contact Victim/Witness Services, phone
  • (325)597-0733 – ext. 1 – Call to learn the process for a case search

Crime statistics of McCulloch County

The annual crime average of McCulloch County stood at 107 incidents in 2019. Of the complaints filed, property crimes clocked 90 cases. In the violent crimes category, 17 complaints were filed, of which 3 were against matters of assault and 3 were against rape. As far as property offenses were concerned, burglaries had the highest rate of occurrence, with 41 incidents, followed by thefts, which brought in 35 complaints throughout the year.

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