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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Whether youre trying to hire new employees for your business or just concerned with the quality of person that are the parents of your childrens friends, it is important to know how to search out arrest records and arrest warrant information about them in Live Oak County.

As a mid-sized county in terms of population (about 11,000, according to, Live Oak County has a stable crime and imprisonment rate. In 2010, only 68 persons were imprisoned within the county (according to ). However, just because this county has a relatively low crime rate does not mean you should be lax in your vigilance over protecting your children and your business.

The best starting point for an arrest warrant check is through the Live Oak County Sheriffs Office. All that you will need to do to access arrest warrant information is to contact this office, and then follow their directions. You can contact the sheriff best by telephone at 361-449-2271, and you can also visit them in person at 200 Larry R. Busby Drive, in George West, Texas 78022.

However, if youre just trying to establish the criminal history of a particular individual, then you will want to utilize the criminal history name search tool at By creating an account with the TDPS, you will be able to perform this kind of search for a small fee at any time you wish.

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