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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Often, the real difficulty with getting your hands on information like the arrest records and warrants for Childress County, Texas, has more to do with finding good information sources than anything else. Because this kind of information is sought so passionately by so many people, many illegitimate websites dealing with a fake arrest record and warrant information have cropped up. Many of these are detailed enough even to include the name of the county for which you are searching!

Our website does not purport to actually have access to any of this information because we don’t. However, our researchers have found the best approaches to acquire this kind of information, and the entire purpose of articles like this one is to share that information with you.

We have discovered that, at least for getting information that deals with actual arrest warrants, you will want to go straight to the source. In this case, that source would be the sheriff of Childress County. You can access the website for the sheriff at, or you can contact the sheriff’s office by phone at 940-937-2535.

Don’t let anyone fool you with regards to arrest record information. It’s pretty difficult to get, especially if it deals with crimes that occurred earlier in the perpetrator’s life. However, you can get some criminal records by visiting the offender search database at Here, you can read about everyone currently in jail in Texas, as well as what they did to get there.

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