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One of the major difficulties with hiring new employees, keeping track of current employees, or even evaluating whether or not your neighbors are worthy of a relationship is that you may not know what their criminal histories are like. This kind of information isn’t exactly listed in the newspaper; however, if you want to find arrest records and arrest warrant information for the people of Donley County, Texas, then there are ways of finding out.

The single best resource for getting arrest warrant information for any county will be the sheriff of that county. This means that you’re going to want to get into contact with the Sheriff of Donley County, and you may do so either at PO Box 910, 300 S. Jefferson, in Clarendon, TX 79226 or at 806-874-3533. You can also email this office at [email protected] You should make sure to ask either for the officer in charge of arrest warrants, or the officer in charge of jail records, depending on the nature of your inquiry.

Often, the best resource for looking up people’s recent criminal records is directly through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Although they cannot divulge a complete criminal history, they can provide recent details, particularly those recently arrested. You can find their database at Enter the name of the person you’re investigating, and browse the results.

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