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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

For most of Texas’s counties, searching for arrest records and warrant information can be complicated. For most of the state, individual websites do not exist for the sheriffs of those counties. This is not the case for Fort Bend County, Texas.

By visiting the home page of the Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office at, you will be granted access to a great deal of the various official records provided by the state. Although we cannot list those records themselves on this page, we can direct you to different parts of this website, useful to you.

Although this website does not seem to provide a list of current arrest warrants for Fort Bend County, they have a page that details how they function within the county. You can either visit this page at or call their warrant division at 281-341-4534.

You can look at the Most Wanted alleged criminals in the county at this page: You can also look at crime statistics for Fort Bend County, Texas, at this page: It details all of the information with the visual convenience of a map.

Resources that you may find useful that are not provided by this county but rather by statewide institutions include the Offender Information Search and the Criminal History Name Search at


What if you want to know about outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021 Data for Fort Bend Justice agencies)

At this time, you can only get limited data pertaining to criminal history over the phone. For instance, you can:

  • Connect with the Sheriff’s Office on 281-341-4665. The use of this phone number can get you limited information on the warrants against your subject. You can also use it to file a non-emergency criminal complaint.
  • Call the Fort Bend County Jail at 281-341-4735. This phone number will get you information on recent arrests, including bookings and releases.
  • Get in touch with the county clerk on 281-341-4514. Calling this number will get you details on how to launch a case search, hearing dates, traffic fine payment and jury duty.
  • Contact the District Clerk on 281-341-4514. Dial this phone number and you will be told how to access information on felony cases.


Crime statistics for Fort Bend County, TX

The rise in the violent crime rate of Fort Bend County between 2018 and 2019 wasn’t quite as alarming. But, the soaring rates of property crimes did leave the residents worried. In 2018, property crimes accounted for less than 4000 of the 4800 complaints. However, within a year, this figure had increased by almost 15% to reach a high of well over 4600 incidents.

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