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Getting your hands on the various kinds of public records for just about any county in Texas can be a huge hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. With a couple of phone calls and searches using the proper search tools, you can find all of the information you could ever want about arrest records and arrest warrants for Frio County, Texas.

For Frio County arrest warrants:

To start your search for arrest warrants, you would be best served by contacting the Frio County Sheriffs Office. The main reason you will need to contact them outright is that, as with many of Texas’s counties, Frio County does not provide an online database of arrest warrants. You can reach the Frio County Sheriffs Office at 502 South Cedar Street, in Pearsall, Texas 78061.

For Frio County criminal history:

Unlike arrest warrants, there is a great online resource for finding criminal history records for Frio County. You can find this tool at the Texas Department of Public Safety website, or go right to the database by clicking this link:

For Frio County arrest records:

Although it can be challenging to find an accurate list of current arrest records, you can scan the entire prison inmate database of Texas and handle your inquiry that way. To do this, we recommend using a search tool that is provided by the Texas DCJ. You can find this tool at

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Frio County? (In the year 2021)

  • Call the Frio County Court at (830)334-2154 for information about arrest warrants.
  • Call the District Court Clerk at (830)334-8073 for judicial records.
  • Call the Frio County Attorney’s Office at (830)334-2162 for victim assistance and information on protective orders.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at (830) 334-3311 for arrest records and records of crimes and accidents.

Crime statistics of Frio County

Frio County’s total crime rate increased from 63 incidents in 2018 to roughly 70 complaints in 2019. Approximately 10 of these incidents were crimes against persons, while property offenses accounted for the remaining 60 complaints.

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