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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Before initiating a Rockwall County warrants search, we strongly advise taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with how arrest warrants in TX function. Because all arrest warrants in Texas are governed by the same law and are actually issued by Texas itself, understanding the warrant laws of one county means that you can understand them throughout the state.

Simply put, all arrest warrants must include the name of the suspect, the name of the crime they are involved with, and the authorizing signature of a judge. An arrest warrant serves as an extension of Texan authority to its law enforcement officials. It grants them the ability to apprehend the suspect named by the warrant for up to 48 hours after it was signed. Once apprehended, the suspect will enter the criminal justice system and may face a criminal trial and conviction. You can read the law that governs how these TX warrants function at

The best way to perform a Rockwall County TX warrant search is to contact the Rockwall County Sheriff. Their website, located at, provides a wide range of different contact options, include a physical address, contact numbers, and even an email address. Be sure to ask for the Warrants Division when calling to help facilitate your search. If you’re instead trying to access arrest records for persons of Rockwall County, then you can visit the TDCJ Offender Information Search tool at Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.

Rockwall County had as many as 264 prisoners by the end of 2010, according to the TDCJ report, which you can read at


How do you get criminal history details over the phone in Rockwall, TX? (2021-update)

Unless you are only interested in inmate information, which is available over the phone, you will find scant other data pertaining to criminal history if you are to exclusively rely on this channel of communication. Nonetheless, if you want to give this option a shot, here are a few phone numbers that you can use:

  • The Sheriff’s Office for giving crime tips and for receiving information about how to launch a warrant search- 972-204-7001.
  • The general information line of the Detention Center for details pertaining to visitation, commissary, etc- 972-204-7100.
  • The Bookings and release desk for information on recent arrests and release on bail bond- 972-204-7108.
  • The Office of the District Clerk for judicial records pertaining to felony cases- 972-204-6500.
  • The Office of the County Clerk for information on arrest warrants and bench warrants and court dockets for misdemeanor cases- 972-204-6300.


Crime statistics for Rockwall County, TX

The crime rate of Rockwall County, in terms of absolute figures, is fairly low, with an annual average of just a few over 100 incidents. Of the complaints filed with the local police, over 90 incidents involve property crime while the remaining 10 plus complaints are made against violent crimes.

In 2018 and 2019, there was no movement in the rate of violent crime, which held steady for two years at 13 incidents/annum. However, the property crime rate did go down in the most recent year by almost 25%.

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