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One of the advantages of performing an arrest warrant search for Young County TX is that, although not all arrest warrants for the entire state are kept together, they are all bound by the same laws. This means that regardless of which county you are currently in, the same warrant laws all apply.

Specifically, this means that the process by which an arrest warrant is created and then executed is the same. In order for a Young County TX arrest warrant to be issued, law enforcement officials from Young County must appear in a court. Once there, they must demonstrate the evidence that they have compiled against a suspect to the presiding judge. If the judge believes the evidence is sufficient, he will sign the warrant, granting police 48 hours to arrest the suspect.

All arrest warrants, no matter what county they come from, must include the name of the suspect, the signature of the judge, and a list of the crimes the suspect is accused of having committed. It is important to note that an arrest warrant is not an indication of guilty, and that only a trial can establish guilt.

The best way to find out if you have a Young County TX arrest warrant is to contact the Young County Sheriffs Office. You can find the street address of this office at 315 N. Cliff, in Graham TX 76450, and you can call them at 940-549-1555. Please be aware that an arrest warrant issued in Texas, no matter the county, is valid throughout the state. This means you can be arrested no matter where you are. To search for criminal records, simply use the above search form to instantly search through an online criminal records database.

By the end of 2010, 37 people were in prison as a result of warrants issued by Young County. This data comes from the annual TDCJ report at .

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