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The biggest problem that many people face when they start looking for just about any official records is that the official sources often don’t do an excellent job of telling their citizens where they can be found. This series of articles’ entire purpose is to help connect citizens with the official sources that they need.

Unfortunately, Camp County, Texas does not provide a very detailed website, and it does not provide any arrest record information. Just the same, you can view their website at

The most important thing to take away from this website is the Sheriff of Camp County’s contact information, which is either (903_856-6651, or 203 Tapp Street, in Pittsburgh, Texas, 75686.

This contact information will be beneficial if you wish to call the sheriff to ask about either your own arrest warrant status or someone else. You can also ask them about whom is currently in jail, although they will probably not be able to provide you an exhaustive list.

To see an exhaustive list of every prisoner in Camp County, we advise that you use the Texas DCJ offender database. Although you cannot get full background crime details, you can see every current offender serving time. You can access this search tool at The homepage for this group can also be found here:

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