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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Although the reasons for needing to get arrest record and warrant information can be many like not knowing whether or not a family member has been incarcerated, or even if a potential new employee has an extensive criminal background they shouldnt have any bearing whatsoever on your ability to access arrest record and warrant information for Johnson County, Texas.

We have found that the optimal place to begin a search for arrest warrant information for Johnson County, Texas is through the Johnson County Sheriffs Office. You can find their web page at You can also contact them by telephone at 817-556-6060. The page that deals with their criminal investigations unit can be found here: Although the Johnson County Sheriffs Office does not have an active list of all current arrest warrants, you can find a list of their top ten most wanted at

A pair of other resources which you may find highly beneficial to your search for arrest records for Johnson County include the Texas Department of Criminal Justices offender information search form, which can be accessed at . Here, you can search the entire Texas inmate prison roster, which will provide a suite of details of every person currently serving time. The second resource, a criminal history name search, can be found at It is hosted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and can be used to get the records of every person with a criminal record in the state of Texas.

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