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Are you searching for arrest records and arrest warrant information for Freestone County, Texas? If you are, then you’ve probably stumbled across the ugly truth that is public access to these records: it tends to be open but difficult to find. This means that, generally speaking, getting your hands on these records is often something that the citizenry is entitled to access. It’s just that these records are often hidden and difficult to find.

The best place to start your search for arrest warrant information for Freestone County is with the Sheriff of Freestone County. Located at 103 North Keechi Street, in Fairfield, Texas 75840, you can either visit their offices in person or contact them via phone. Their phone number is 903-389-3236. You can also ask them about arrest record information, but there are better places to access this information.

The best place to start searching for arrest record information is with the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can find a tool that will allow you to perform a criminal history name search at This tool can be precious in finding the information you’re after.

If the person you are looking for may have been arrested recently, you can search a database containing the name and a set of information of every criminal in the state. This tool, provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, can be accessed here:

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