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One of the greatest fears of many parents with young children is criminals and sex offenders. Whether you’re worried that the neighborhood you are moving your family into houses a serpents den of sex offenders or hardened criminals, or even if you’re just worried that their piano tutor is a convicted felon, protecting your kids from these sorts is never easy. But if you live in Grayson County, Texas, then there are certain precautions that you can take.

Grayson county judicial records

The first is to determine if there are any active arrest warrants in your county and then determine if any of those people live near your home. Any search for this kind of information should start with the Grayson County Sheriffs Office. You can start by visiting their website, which is located at Unfortunately, the Grayson County Sheriffs Office website does not have an active roster of all current arrest warrants, so you will want to call the office yourself to make inquiries. You can do so by visiting their offices in person at 200 S. Crockett St #105A, in Sherman, Texas.

If your concern is for sex offenders living in your neighborhood, it will be much easier to procure this information. The best place to go is here: This tool, provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, will allow you to see all of the registered sex offenders living in Grayson County.


What information can you get about Grayson County warrants and arrest records over the phone (in 2021)?

A phone conversation is unlikely to get you a lot of details on arrest warrants although the police may help you out with information on recent arrests. Take a look at the details that you can get by calling various state agencies.

  • Information on active warrants and sex offender registration- (903) 813-4200 x2234.
  • Data pertaining to bench warrants and other civil processes- (903) 813-4200 x2226.
  • Details on recent arrests- (903) 813-4200 x2257.
  • Information about inmates lodged in the Low-Risk Detention Bureau- (903) 786-5783.
  • Details about the issue of arrest warrants, traffic violation fines, and Class C misdemeanor crimes- (903) 813-4249.
  • Information on felony crimes (903) 813-4352.
  • Data pertaining to criminal investigations (for victims and legal professionals only)- (903) 813-4200 x2216 or


Crime statistics for Grayson County, TX

Property crime rates of Grayson County barely left their level of around 400 incidents per annum from 2018 through 2019. Yet, there was a drop of almost 20% in the overall crime rate in 2019. The plunge was attributed to a significant reduction in the rates of violent crime, which went from 90 plus incidents to just a bit over 30 incidents in 2019.



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