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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Finding records of arrest and arrest warrant information for just about any county throughout Texas and indeed, the entire country can be a huge pain. Due to inadequate websites and difficult-to-reach officials, counties like Irion County can sometimes be even more challenging to access these records than they are for other counties. Because of this, we recommend starting your search for arrest records in Irion County with online, statewide, and official resources.

We always start our searches for arrest records with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This is because they have a tool that allows people to look at all of the people currently in jail anywhere in the state, including Irion County, and also allows them to have a look at their arrest records. You can find this search tool at .

Another excellent online, official, and statewide resources comes at the behalf of the Texas Department of Public Safety. While they offer many different services, one of the most useful comes as a result of the Criminal History Name Search. Found at, you can use this tool to read about the criminal histories of just about anyone in the state of Texas. Please note, however, that there may be a small fee associated with some types of searches.

Finally, you can try your luck with the Irion County Sheriffs Office by visiting them in person at 209 N. Parkview, in Mertzon, Texas 76941, or by calling 325-835-2551.

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