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If you’ve ever spent time trying to hire a new employee or even trying to find someone to babysit your children, then you have probably also become aware of the importance of scouting out their criminal background. Simply put, you don’t want a hardened criminal anywhere near your family. By using some of the tools provided by the state of Texas, as well as doing a bit of sleuthing on your own, you can find out who exactly has served time in Texas and who hasn’t.

Thankfully, Gillespie County, Texas, has something of a robust website, which will make your task of hunting down arrest records and arrest warrants much easier. That said, you should be aware that Gillespie County does not provide an option on their website to hunt down current arrest warrants. Due to this, you will be best served by contacting the Gillespie County Sheriffs Office by calling 830-997-7585. Alternatively, you can drop into their offices for a visit at 1601 East Main St, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624. Their website is located at

Two other tools will be useful for those of you searching for Gillespie County, Texas arrest records. The first, provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, can be found at This tool provides a database of all of the persons currently in prison in Texas and detailing their crimes. The second tool, provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety, can be found at and serves as a criminal background history tool.

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