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By searching you certify that you are above 18 years of age

Hunting down arrest warrant information for Tom Green, TX means first having an understanding of how arrest warrants function throughout the state of Texas. The first thing that you should understand about TX arrest warrants is that they are issued through the entire state’s authority. Although this has several significant implications, the most important is that Tom Green County arrest warrants are valid in every other county throughout Texas. This means you can be arrested no matter what county you are in.

All arrest warrants in Texas, as outlined by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (which can be found at, must include the name of the suspect, the crime they are suspected of committing, and the authorizing signature of a judge. Once a Tom Green warrant is signed, police forces must apprehend the suspect within 48 hours.

The best way to conduct a Tom Green warrants search is by contacting the Sheriff of Tom Green County. You can either visit the station at 222 West Harris, San Angelo, TX 76903. You may also visit their website at Be warned that if you appear in person and the sheriff finds you have an active warrant, you may be arrested. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend contacting a lawyer before proceeding.

If you’d like to perform an arrest record search for Tom Green County, you may do so through this search tool, provided by the TDCJ: Please understand that this tool can only search the records of current Texas prison inmates. Or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly.


How can you get information on Tom Green County arrests and warrants over the phone? (2021-specific)

Save for the County Detention center, other state agencies won’t give you the information you seek over the phone. However, they will tell you how to get those details. For instance:

  • The Sheriff’s Department (325-655-8111) will offer help on how to initiate a warrant search and arrest records inquiry. This phone number can also be used to notify law enforcement about suspicious activity/individuals.
  • The Tom Green County Jail (325-659-6597) can be contacted for details on bookings and releases.
  • The Office of the District Clerk (325-659-6579 can be called to find out about a case being heard by the District Courts or to learn more about initiating a court records search through them.
  • The Office of the County Clerk (325-659-6553) will give you the same information as mentioned above but about the county courts, including the Justice of Peace and Municipal Courts.


Crime statistics for Tom Green County, TX

A drop of around 8% was observed in the rate of property crimes of Tom Green County in 2019. However, this was not enough to make up for the rise of well over 60% in the rate of violent crimes. The most significant increase was seen in the annual total of aggravated assaults in the violet crimes category.


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