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Knowing when and where to access arrest records and warrant information, whether you need them for Jasper County or any other county in Texas, is something that every person should know how to do. This is because, when the time comes to need to be able to get this information, you do not want to waste any time digging through a ton of different internet web sites trying to find it. With this in mind, we’ve designed this series of articles, which are designed to provide for you the best ways to find the information you’re looking for without trying to sell it to you.

Jasper County Sheriffs Office

For arrest warrant information for Jasper County, Texas, we advise starting with the Jasper County Sheriffs Office. Although this office doesn’t have a website, it has a physical location and a telephone number that you can use to reach it. The address of these offices is 101 Burch Street, in Jasper, Texas, 75951, and the telephone number is 409-384-7016.

Because the sheriff may not always answer your questions, there are other statewide resources that we direct people to. To get arrest record information of Jasper County, you should visit the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website. This is because they have a tool that can display the criminal and arrest records of every person currently serving time in the state prison system. You can find this tool at https://offender.tdcj.texas.gov/OffenderSearch/index.jsp.

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